a short grass, Buchloë dactyloides, having gray-green blades, prevalent on the dry plains east of the Rocky Mountains.
St. Augustine grass.
any of several short, tufted grasses that do not form continuous sod.
Historical Examples

Red Hunters And the Animal People Charles A. Eastman
The Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, Oregon and California Brevet Col. J.C. Fremont
The Great White Tribe in Filipinia Paul T. Gilbert
Harper’s Young People, September 7, 1880 Various
Last of the Great Scouts Helen Cody Wetmore
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 85, November, 1864 Various
The Boy Hunters Captain Mayne Reid
My Reminiscences of the Anglo-Boer War Ben Viljoen.
Frank Merriwell’s Backers Burt L. Standish
Buffalo Land W. E. Webb

a short grass, Buchloë dactyloides, growing on the dry plains of the central US
(Austral) a grass, Stenotaphrum americanum, introduced from North America

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