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an apparatus at the end of a railroad car, railroad track, etc., for absorbing shock during coupling, collisions, etc.
any device, material, or apparatus used as a shield, cushion, or bumper, especially on machinery.
any intermediate or intervening shield or device reducing the danger of interaction between two machines, chemicals, electronic components, etc.
a person or thing that shields and protects against annoyance, harm, hostile forces, etc., or that lessens the impact of a shock or reversal.
any reserve moneys, negotiable securities, legal procedures, etc., that protect a person, organization, or country against financial ruin.
buffer state.
Ecology. an animal population that becomes the prey of a predator that usually feeds on a different species.
Computers. a storage device for temporarily holding data until the computer is ready to receive or process the data, as when a receiving unit has an operating speed lower than that of the unit feeding data to it.
Electronics. a circuit with a single output activated by one or more of several inputs.

any substance or mixture of compounds that, added to a solution, is capable of neutralizing both acids and bases without appreciably changing the original acidity or alkalinity of the solution.
Also called buffer solution. a solution containing such a substance.

Chemistry. to treat with a buffer.
to cushion, shield, or protect.
to lessen the adverse effect of; ease:
The drug buffered his pain.
a device for polishing or buffing, as a buff stick or buff wheel.
a worker who uses such a device.
a foolish or incompetent person.
a fellow; man.
a chief boatswain’s mate in the British navy.
a soft, thick, light-yellow leather with a napped surface, originally made from buffalo skin but later also from other skins, used for making belts, pouches, etc.
a brownish-yellow color; tan.
a buff stick or buff wheel.
a devotee or well-informed student of some activity or subject:
Civil War buffs avidly read the new biography of Grant.
Informal. the bare skin:
in the buff.
Also called buffcoat. a thick, short coat of buffalo leather, worn especially by English soldiers and American colonists in the 17th century.
Informal. a buffalo.
having the color of buff.
made of buff leather.
Slang. physically attractive; muscular.
to clean or polish (metal) or give a grainless finish of high luster to (plated surfaces) with or as if with a buff stick or buff wheel.
to polish or shine, especially with a buffer:
to buff shoes.
to dye or stain in a buff color.
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Historical Examples

Give Me Liberty Thomas J. Wertenbaker
Prairie Flowers James B. Hendryx
The Gentle Reader Samuel McChord Crothers
The Boy Mechanic, Book 2 Various
The Mysteries of London, v. 1/4 George W. M. Reynolds

one of a pair of spring-loaded steel pads attached at both ends of railway vehicles and at the end of a railway track to reduce shock due to contact
a person or thing that lessens shock or protects from damaging impact, circumstances, etc

an ionic compound, usually a salt of a weak acid or base, added to a solution to resist changes in its acidity or alkalinity and thus stabilize its pH
Also called buffer solution. a solution containing such a compound

(computing) a memory device for temporarily storing data
(electronics) an isolating circuit used to minimize the reaction between a driving and a driven circuit
short for buffer state
(informal) hit the buffers, to finish or be stopped, esp unexpectedly
verb (transitive)
to insulate against or protect from shock; cushion
(chem) to add a buffer to (a solution)
any device used to shine, polish, etc; buff
a person who uses such a device
(Brit, informal, offensive) a stupid or bumbling man (esp in the phrase old buffer)

a soft thick flexible undyed leather made chiefly from the skins of buffalo, oxen, and elk
(as modifier): a buff coat

a dull yellow or yellowish-brown colour
(as adjective): buff paint

Also called buffer

a cloth or pad of material used for polishing an object
a flexible disc or wheel impregnated with a fine abrasive for polishing metals, etc, with a power tool

(informal) one’s bare skin (esp in the phrase in the buff)
to clean or polish (a metal, floor, shoes, etc) with a buff
to remove the grain surface of (a leather)
(transitive) to deaden the force of
(archaic) a blow or buffet (now only in the phrase blind man’s buff)
(informal) an expert on or devotee of a given subject: a cheese buff

The Buffs are men and boys whose love of fires, fire-fighting and firemen is a predominant characteristic. [N.Y. “Sun,” Feb. 4, 1903]


Note: Buffers are often used in medications designed to decrease acidity in the stomach.

see: in the buff


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