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a building up, as of military forces; increase in amount or number.
a process of growth; strengthening; development:
the buildup of heavy industry.
an accumulation, as of a particular type of material:
a buildup of salt deposits.
an increase, as in potential, intensity, or pressure:
A buildup of suspense began halfway through the movie.
a progressive or sequential development:
the buildup of helium atoms from hydrogen.
praise or publicity designed to enhance a reputation or popularize someone or something:
The studio spent $100,000 on the new star’s buildup.
a process of preparation designed to make possible the achievement of an ultimate objective:
a lengthy buildup to a sales pitch.
encouragement; a psychological lift:
Every time I need a buildup, I look at her picture.
Contemporary Examples

What Obama Can Learn From Truman Joshua Robinson December 31, 2010
Newsweek Takedown From Beyond the Grave: Michael Hastings’s Fiction Tells the Truth Christopher Dickey June 17, 2014
George Clooney: A 21st-Century Statesman John Avlon February 20, 2011
Scientists at Johns Hopkins Come Closer to Eliminating Heart Disease Dale Eisinger April 24, 2014
The Walking Dead’s Explosive Midseason Finale Pitted Rick vs. The Governor Melissa Leon December 1, 2013
Television’s 20-Something Female Virgins: ‘Girls,’ ‘Grey’s,’ and ‘Underemployed’ Whitney Friedlander November 26, 2012
Planes in Flames: Why Does It Keep Happening? Clive Irving July 14, 2013
Jaipur Literature Festival Wows, Rushdie Debacle Aside Akash Kapur January 25, 2012

Historical Examples

The Planet Strappers Raymond Zinke Gallun
The Nation’s River United States Department of the Interior

Publicity and other provisions for introducing a new product, entertainer, etc: the buildup for a concert (1920s+)
The careful preparation of a potential customer or victim (1940s+)


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