bulb of vestibule

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  • Bulbous

    bulb-shaped; bulging. having or growing from bulbs. Contemporary Examples Why Did the Lawyers’ Post–Sandusky Conviction Comments Shield Penn State From Shame? Buzz Bissinger June 24, 2012 The Postman Who Built a Palace in France…by Hand Nina Strochlic November 19, 2014 Historical Examples Modern Geography Marion I. Newbigin The Mushroom, Edible and Otherwise M. E. Hard […]

  • Bulbar

    of or relating to a bulb, especially to the medulla oblongata. Historical Examples Handbook of Alabama Archaeology: Part I Point Types James W. Cambron adjective (mainly anatomy) of or relating to a bulb, esp the medulla oblongata

  • Bulbar-myelitis

    bulbar myelitis

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    those trades, as carpentry, masonry, and plastering, that are primarily concerned with the construction and finishing of buildings. Historical Examples Syndicalism in France Louis Levine Double Trouble Herbert Quick

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    Botany. Also, bulbel [buhl-buh l, -bel] /ˈbʌl bəl, -bɛl/ (Show IPA). bulblet. Mycology. a rounded mass of fungus cells resembling a sclerotium but of simpler organization, most commonly produced by certain basidiomycetes. Historical Examples Vegetable Teratology Maxwell T. Masters noun a small bulblike organ of vegetative reproduction growing in leaf axils or on flower stalks […]

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