a usually subterranean and often globular bud having fleshy leaves emergent at the top and a stem reduced to a flat disk, rooting from the underside, as in the onion and lily.
a plant growing from such a bud.

any round, enlarged part, especially at the end of a cylindrical object:
the bulb of a thermometer.

the glass housing, in which a partial vacuum has been established, that contains the filament of an incandescent electric lamp.
an incandescent or fluorescent electric lamp.

Anatomy. any of various small, bulb-shaped structures or protuberances:
olfactory bulb; bulb of urethra.
medulla oblongata.
Building Trades. a rounded thickening at the toe of an angle iron or tee.
Nautical. a cylindrical or spherical prominence at the forefoot of certain vessels.
Photography. a shutter setting in which the shutter remains open as long as the shutter release is depressed. Symbol: B.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

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a rounded organ of vegetative reproduction in plants such as the tulip and onion: a flattened stem bearing a central shoot surrounded by fleshy nutritive inner leaves and thin brown outer leaves Compare corm
a plant, such as a hyacinth or daffodil, that grows from a bulb
See light bulb
a rounded part of an instrument such as a syringe or thermometer
(anatomy) a rounded expansion of a cylindrical organ or part, such as the medulla oblongata
Also called bulbous bow. a bulbous protuberance at the forefoot of a ship to reduce turbulence
A rounded underground storage organ that contains the shoot of a new plant. A bulb consists of a short stem surrounded by fleshy scales (modified leaves) that store nourishment for the new plant. Tulips, lilies, and onions grow from bulbs. Compare corm, rhizome, runner, tuber.

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