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the construction of bulkheads; bulkheads in general.
Historical Examples

The Hallowell Partnership Katharine Holland Brown


Read Also:

  • Bulk-mail

    a category of mail for mailing large numbers of identical printed items to individual addressees at less than first-class rates, as circulars or bulletins. to mail as bulk mail.

  • Bulk-modulus

    a coefficient of elasticity of a substance, expressing the ratio between a pressure that acts to change the volume of the substance and the fractional change in volume produced. noun a coefficient of elasticity of a substance equal to minus the ratio of the applied stress (p) to the resulting fractional change in volume (dV/V) […]

  • Bulk

    magnitude in three dimensions: a ship of great bulk. the greater part; main mass or body: The bulk of the debt was paid. goods or cargo not in packages or boxes, usually transported in large volume, as grain, coal, or petroleum. fiber (def 9). (of paper, cardboard, yarn, etc.) thickness, especially in relation to weight. […]

  • Bulkhead-deck

    the uppermost continuous deck in the hull of a vessel, forming watertight compartments with the main transverse bulkheads.

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