magnitude in three dimensions:
a ship of great bulk.
the greater part; main mass or body:
The bulk of the debt was paid.
goods or cargo not in packages or boxes, usually transported in large volume, as grain, coal, or petroleum.
fiber (def 9).
(of paper, cardboard, yarn, etc.) thickness, especially in relation to weight.
the body of a living creature.
bulk mail.
being or traded in bulk:
bulk grain.
to increase in size; expand; swell.
to be of or give the appearance of great weight, size, or importance:
The problem bulks large in his mind.
(of paper, cardboard, yarn, etc.) to be of or to acquire a specific thickness, especially in relation to weight.
to gather, form, or mix into a cohesive or uniform mass.
to cause to swell, grow, or increase in weight or thickness.
to gather, bring together, or mix.
bulk up, to increase the bulk of, especially by increasing the thickness of:
Adding four chapters will bulk up the book.
in bulk,

Fresh orange juice is shipped from Florida in bulk.
in large quantities:
Those who buy in bulk receive a discount.

Contemporary Examples

David’s Book Club: Fellow Travelers David Frum July 21, 2012

Historical Examples

The Radio Boys on Secret Service Duty Gerald Breckenridge
The Poor Little Rich Girl Eleanor Gates
Preventable Diseases Woods Hutchinson
Michael Penguyne William H. G. Kingston
The Black Bag Louis Joseph Vance
Bred of the Desert Marcus Horton
Poor Man’s Rock Bertrand W. Sinclair
Criminal Types V. M. Masten
The Joys of Being a Woman Winifred Kirkland

the expansion of excavated material to a volume greater than that of the excavation from which it came
an increase in the volume of dry sand when its moisture content is increased
volume, size, or magnitude, esp when great
the main part: the bulk of the work is repetitious
a large body, esp of a person: he eased his bulk out of the chair
the part of food which passes unabsorbed through the digestive system: he eased his bulk out of the chair
unpackaged cargo or goods
a ship’s cargo or hold

the thickness of a number of sheets of paper or cardboard
the thickness of a book excluding its covers

(pl) copies of newspapers sold in bulk at a discounted price to hotels, airlines, etc which issue them free to their customers
in bulk

in large quantities
(of a cargo, etc) unpackaged

to cohere or cause to cohere in a mass
to place, hold, or transport (several cargoes of goods) in bulk
bulk large, to be or seem important or prominent: the problem bulked large in his mind
see: in bulk

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