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the circular spot, usually black or outlined in black, at the center of a target marked with concentric circles and used in target practice.
a shot that hits this.
the center or central area of a military target, as of a town or factory, in a bombing raid.
a missile that strikes the central area of a target.
the coordinates or instance of aiming and firing a missile that results in its hitting the center of a target.

any statement or act that is precisely to the point or achieves a desired result directly.
something that is decisive or crucial; crux.

a small circular opening or window.
a thick disk or lenslike piece of glass inserted in a roof, ship’s deck, etc., to admit light.
Optics. a lens of short focal length.
a lantern equipped with a lens of this sort.
Nautical. an oval or circular wooden block having a groove around it and a hole in the center, through which to reeve a rope.
Meteorology. (formerly) the eye of a storm.
a large, round piece of peppermint-flavored hard candy.
the small central disc of a target, usually the highest valued area
a shot hitting this
(informal) something that exactly achieves its aim
a small circular or oval window or opening
a thick disc of glass set into a ship’s deck, etc, to admit light
the glass boss at the centre of a sheet of blown glass

a small thick plano-convex lens used as a condenser
a lamp or lantern containing such a lens

a peppermint-flavoured, usually striped, boiled sweet
(nautical) a circular or oval wooden block with a groove around it for the strop of a shroud and a hole at its centre for a line Compare deadeye
(meteorol) the eye or centre of a cyclone


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