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bullet bait


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  • Bullet-forceps

    bullet forceps

  • Bullethead

    a head considered similar in shape to a bullet, as that of a person with a high, domelike forehead and cranium and short hair. a person having such a head. an obstinate or stupid person. Historical Examples A Yankee Flier with the R.A.F. Rutherford G. Montgomery

  • Bulletproof

    (of vehicles, glass, clothing, etc.) capable of resisting or absorbing the impact of a bullet. Informal. safe from failure; without errors or shortcomings and beyond criticism: a bulletproof system; a bulletproof budget. to make (something) bulletproof. Contemporary Examples Anna Benson, Former ‘Baseball Wife,’ Reportedly Snaps. What Happened? Christine Pelisek July 10, 2013 Hit-and-Run Driver Julio […]

  • Bullet-train

    a high-speed passenger train, as on certain routes in Japan. Historical Examples Makers Cory Doctorow noun a passenger train that travels at very high speed

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