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(in an amusement park) a small, carlike electric vehicle with an encircling rubber bumper that one maneuvers around an enclosed arena while purposely bumping other vehicles.
a low-powered electrically propelled vehicle driven and bumped against similar cars in a special rink at a funfair Also called Dodgem


Read Also:

  • Bumper-guard

    either of two vertical crosspieces attached to a bumper of a motor vehicle to prevent it from locking bumpers with another vehicle.

  • Bumper-jack

    a jack for lifting a motor vehicle by the bumper.

  • Bumper-music

    bumper music

  • Bumper-pool

    a pool game played on a small, often octagonally shaped table with two pockets, having strategically placed cushioned pegs on the playing surface, usually necessitating bank shots to sink balls.

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