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  • Buna

    a brand of synthetic rubber made by polymerizing or copolymerizing butadiene with another material, as acrylonitrile, styrene, or sodium. Historical Examples The Poor Plutocrats Maurus Jkai A Soldier’s Experience or A Voice from the Ranks: Showing the Cost of War in Blood and Treasure Timothy Gowing noun trademark a synthetic rubber formed by polymerizing butadiene […]

  • Bunch

    a connected group; cluster: a bunch of grapes. a group of things: a bunch of papers. Informal. a group of people: They’re a fine bunch of students. a knob; lump; protuberance. to group together; make a bunch of. to gather into a cluster; gather together. (of fabric or clothing) to gather into folds (often followed […]

  • Bunchberry

    a dwarf dogwood, Cornus canadensis, bearing dense clusters of bright-red berries. Historical Examples In the Open Stanton Davis Kirkham On the Trail Lina Beard and Adelia Belle Beard noun (pl) -ries a dwarf variety of dogwood native to North America, Cornus canadensis, having red berries

  • Bunchflower

    a stout North American plant, Melanthium virginicum, of the lily family, having grasslike leaves and an open cluster of small greenish flowers. any other plant of the same genus. Historical Examples Ginseng and Other Medicinal Plants A. R. (Arthur Robert) Harding

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