sweet william.

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    bunch, a

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    Ralph (Johnson) 1904–71, U.S. diplomat: at the United Nations 1946–71; Nobel Peace Prize 1950. noun Ralph Johnson. 1904–71, US diplomat and United Nations official: awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1950 for his work as UN mediator in Palestine (1948–49); UN undersecretary (1954–71)

  • Bunche--ralph

    bunche, ralph Bunche, Ralph [(bunch)]

  • Bunched

    a connected group; cluster: a bunch of grapes. a group of things: a bunch of papers. Informal. a group of people: They’re a fine bunch of students. a knob; lump; protuberance. to group together; make a bunch of. to gather into a cluster; gather together. (of fabric or clothing) to gather into folds (often followed […]

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