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a connected group; cluster:
a bunch of grapes.
a group of things:
a bunch of papers.
Informal. a group of people:
They’re a fine bunch of students.
a knob; lump; protuberance.
to group together; make a bunch of.
to gather into a cluster; gather together.
(of fabric or clothing) to gather into folds (often followed by up).
Historical Examples

The Purple Heights Marie Conway Oemler
The Pony Rider Boys in New Mexico Frank Gee Patchin
Blue Goose Frank Lewis Nason
Shadows in Zamboula Robert E. Howard
Dwellers in the Hills Melville Davisson Post
The Isles of Scilly Jessie Mothersole
Guilt of the Brass Thieves Mildred A. Wirt
Soldiers Three Rudyard Kipling
The Law of the North (Originally published as Empery) Samuel Alexander White
The Kindred of the Wild Charles G. D. Roberts

a number of things growing, fastened, or grouped together: a bunch of grapes, a bunch of keys
a collection; group: a bunch of queries
(informal) a group or company: a bunch of boys
(archaic) a protuberance
(sometimes foll by up) to group or be grouped into a bunch

A group of people (1600s+)
A particular group or set, family, etc: I like my bunch, but yours is elitist (1902+)
mob (1950s+)
Money, esp a large sum; bundle: He must have paid a bunch for that mink


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