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bundle of joy


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  • Bundle-of-his

    atrioventricular bundle. bundle of His (hĭs) The bundle of cardiac muscle fibers that passes from the atrioventricular node to the interventricular septum and then the ventricles. It conducts the electrical impulses that regulate the heartbeat from the right atrium to the left and right ventricles. The bundle of His is named after its discoverer, German […]

  • Bundle-of-isoglosses

    bundle (def 6). several objects or a quantity of material gathered or bound together: a bundle of hay. an item, group, or quantity wrapped for carrying; package. a number of things considered together: a bundle of ideas. Slang. a great deal of money: He made a bundle in the market. Botany. an aggregation of strands […]

  • Bundle-of-nerves

    a person who is extremely nervous. Extremely jittery, tense, or fearful person, as in For months after the accident, Aunt Jane was a bundle of nerves. [ 1930s ]

  • Bundle-scar

    any small mark left on the leaf scar from the vascular tissue, where the leaf was once attached to the stem. bundle scar A small mark on a leaf scar indicating a point where a vein from the leaf was once connected with the stem. Species often differ in the number and placement of the […]

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