a large bin or receptacle; a fixed chest or box:
a coal bunker.
a fortification set mostly below the surface of the ground with overhead protection provided by logs and earth or by concrete and fitted with openings through which guns may be fired.
Golf. any obstacle, as a sand trap or mound of dirt, constituting a hazard.

to provide fuel for (a vessel).
to convey (bulk cargo except grain) from a vessel to an adjacent storehouse.

Golf. to hit (a ball) into a bunker.
to equip with or as if with bunkers:
to bunker an army’s defenses.
Historical Examples

The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page, Volume II Burton J. Hendrick
The Happy Golfer Henry Leach
East-West Trade Trends Harold E. Stassen
The Golf Courses of the British Isles Bernard Darwin
The Happy Golfer Henry Leach

a large storage container or tank, as for coal
Also called (esp US and Canadian) sand trap. an obstacle on a golf course, usually a sand-filled hollow bordered by a ridge
an underground shelter, often of reinforced concrete and with a bank and embrasures for guns above ground
(transitive) (golf)

to drive (the ball) into a bunker
(passive) to have one’s ball trapped in a bunker

(transitive) (nautical)

to fuel (a ship)
to transfer (cargo) from a ship to a storehouse


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