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Informal. a rabbit, especially a small or young one.
Slang: Sometimes Disparaging and Offensive. a pretty, appealing, or alluring young woman, often one ostensibly engaged in a sport or similar activity:
beach bunny; ski bunny.
Chiefly British. a squirrel.
Australian and New Zealand Slang. a person imposed upon or made a fool of; victim.
designed for or used by beginners in skiing:
a bunny slope.
Contemporary Examples

The Wonderful Weirdness of Christine McConnell, Queen of Creepy Cookies Tim Teeman July 8, 2014
‘Nurse Jackie’ Will Make You Feel Better Caryn James June 6, 2009
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Historical Examples

The Secrets of a Kuttite Edward O. Mousley
Mother Nature’s Toy-Shop Lina Beard
Boys and Girls Bookshelf; a Practical Plan of Character Building, Volume I (of 17) Various
Billy Barcroft, R.N.A.S. Percy F. Westerman
The Job Sinclair Lewis

noun (pl) -nies
Also called bunny rabbit a child’s word for rabbit (sense 1)
Also called bunny girl. a night-club hostess whose costume includes rabbit-like tail and ears
(Austral, informal) a mug; dupe
(slang) a devotee of a specified pastime or activity: gym bunny, disco bunny
(Brit, slang) talk, esp when inconsequential; chatter
(Brit, slang) not a happy bunny, deeply dissatisfied or discontented

Welsh rabbit (1900s+ Students)
A habitually puzzled or victimized person: She is always criticizing some poor bunny (1920s+)
Any young woman, esp a pert and attractive one (1600s+)
A young woman who associates with the men in some exciting, daring, or otherwise glamorous activity, sometimes as a participant; groupie: to eliminate any chance that newsroom chauvinists could tag her as an electronic bunny (1960s+)
A prostitute who serves his or her own sex (1950s+ Homosexuals)
A layup shot (1970s+ Basketball)


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