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any of a wide variety of variously shaped bread rolls, usually leavened and slightly sweetened or plain, sometimes containing spices, dried currants, etc.
hair gathered into a round coil or knot at the nape of the neck or on top of the head in certain coiffures.
buns, Slang. the buttocks.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

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plural noun
(informal, mainly US) the buttocks
a small roll, similar to bread but usually containing sweetening, currants, spices, etc
any of various types of small round sweet cakes
a hairstyle in which long hair is gathered into a bun shape at the back of the head
(slang) have a bun in the oven, to be pregnant

A state of drunkenness; alcoholic exhilaration: A bun is a light jag (1900+)
The buttocks; bum •Originally ”the tail of a hare, scut”; first seen applied to persons in Scottish poetry (1530s+)
A single buttock; cheek: a boil on my left bun (1970s+)

blood urea nitrogen


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