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a coarse, open fabric of worsted or cotton for flags, signals, etc.
patriotic and festive decorations made from such cloth, or from paper, usually in the form of draperies, wide streamers, etc., in the colors of the national flag.
flags, especially a vessel’s flags, collectively.
any of several small, chiefly seed-eating birds of the genera Emberiza, Passerina, and Plectrophenax.
a hooded sleeping garment for infants.
(of a goat or calf) to push with the horns or head; butt.
Baseball. to bat (a pitched ball) very gently so that it rolls into the infield close to home plate, usually by holding the bat loosely in hands spread apart and allowing the ball to bounce off it.
to push (something) with the horns or head.
Baseball. to bunt a ball.
a push with the head or horns; butt.

the act of bunting.
a bunted ball.

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a coarse, loosely woven cotton fabric used for flags, etc
decorative flags, pennants, and streamers
flags collectively, esp those of a boat
any of numerous seed-eating songbirds of the families Fringillidae (finches, etc) or Emberizidae, esp those of the genera Emberiza of the Old World and Passerina of North America. They all have short stout bills
Basil. 1900–85, British poet, author of Briggflatts (1966)
(of an animal) to butt (something) with the head or horns
to cause (an aircraft) to fly in part of an inverted loop or (of an aircraft) to fly in such a loop
(US & Canadian) (in baseball) to hit (a pitched ball) very gently
the act or an instance of bunting
(nautical) the baggy centre of a fishing net or other piece of fabric, such as a square sail
a disease of cereal plants caused by smut fungi (genus Tilletia)


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