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an opiate used medicinally as a powerful analgesic


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  • Buprenorphine-hydrochloride

    buprenorphine hydrochloride

  • Buprestid

    any beetle of the family Buprestidae, comprising wood-boring beetles of a metallic luster. Historical Examples The Insect World Louis Figuier The Insect World Louis Figuier noun any beetle of the mainly tropical family Buprestidae, the adults of which are brilliantly coloured and the larvae of which bore into and cause damage to trees, roots, etc […]

  • Bupropion

    a drug, C 13 H 18 ClNO·HCl, used to treat depression and help people give up smoking.

  • Buqsha

    (formerly) an aluminum-copper coin and monetary unit of the Yemen Arab Republic, the 40th part of a riyal.

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