(of a vessel) required to yield to a vessel having the right of way.
Compare privileged (def 5).
that which is carried; load:
a horse’s burden of rider and pack.
that which is borne with difficulty; obligation; onus:
the burden of leadership.

the weight of a ship’s cargo.
the carrying capacity of a ship.

Mining. overburden (def 3).
Metallurgy. the minerals charged into a blast furnace or steelmaking furnace.
Accounting. overhead (def 6).
to load heavily.
to load oppressively; trouble.
Contemporary Examples

Snowden and the Right Michael Tomasky June 9, 2013
David Mamet’s Right Turn David Frum May 8, 2012
‘Top Gear’ Host Richard Hammond Invades America With New Show Marlow Stern April 12, 2012
China’s Economic Takeover: The World’s Next Superpower by 2016 Paul Kix April 29, 2011
Can Huckabee Convert the GOP’s Moneymen? Lloyd Green January 3, 2015

Historical Examples

Barbara Blomberg, Complete Georg Ebers
Up the River Oliver Optic
The Danish History, Books I-IX Saxo Grammaticus (“Saxo the Learned”)
Seek and Find Oliver Optic
Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts Girl Scouts

something that is carried; load
something that is exacting, oppressive, or difficult to bear: the burden of responsibility, related adjective onerous

the cargo capacity of a ship
the weight of a ship’s cargo

verb (transitive)
(sometimes foll by up) to put or impose a burden on; load
to weigh down; oppress: the old woman was burdened with cares
a line of words recurring at the end of each verse of a ballad or similar song; chorus or refrain
the principal or recurrent theme of a speech, book, etc
another word for bourdon

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