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a hamburger.
Warren Earl, 1907–1995, U.S. jurist: chief justice of the U.S. 1969–86.
a combining form extracted from hamburger, occurring in compounds the initial element of which denotes a special garnish for a hamburger or a substitute ingredient for the meat patty:
baconburger; cheeseburger; fishburger.
Contemporary Examples

Burger King’s New French Fries Took Ten Years to Develop Daniel Gross September 23, 2013
The Humble Burger Goes Glam Katie Workman June 29, 2009
The Perfect Burger (Sans Bun) Deborah Krasner October 31, 2010
From Ferguson Cop Embroiled in a Brutality Suit to City Councilwoman Michael Daly August 19, 2014
Mark Wahlberg’s Pardon Plea: A Look Back At His Troubling, Violent, and Racist Rap Sheet Marlow Stern December 6, 2014

Historical Examples

Three Years’ War Christiaan Rudolf de Wet
The Corsican Brothers Alexandre Dumas
The Violin George Hart
Women of the Teutonic Nations Hermann Schoenfeld
The Standard Galleries – Holland Esther Singleton


short for hamburger
(in combination): a cheeseburger

Gottfried August (ˈɡɔtfriːt ˈauɡʊst). 1747–94, German lyric poet, noted particularly for his ballad Lenore (1773)


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