the felony of breaking into and entering the house of another at night with intent to steal, extended by statute to cover the breaking into and entering of any of various buildings, by night or day.
Contemporary Examples

The burglary details the events and people surrounding the 1971 break-in of an FBI office in Media, Pa.
They’ve Always Been Watching You Nick Gillespie January 8, 2014

Sanford police received nearly 15 reports of burglary and theft from Retreat at Twin Lakes homeowners last year.
Sanford Protesters Demand Arrest in Trayvon Death as Residents Question Racial Profiling Allison Samuels March 22, 2012

Total losses from the burglary were “in the region of $500,000,” according to Bloom.
‘The Bling Ring’ Case Revealed: The Stars’ Grand-Jury Testimony Marlow Stern June 10, 2013

It’s the seven people charged with the burglary and killings that have directly connected that crime to the Mexican Mafia.
Mexican Mafia Connection Rick Outzen August 9, 2009

The following year, he was arrested again, this time for burglary from a motor vehicle.
What’s in the Grim Sleeper’s Grand Jury Transcripts Christine Pelisek May 5, 2011

Historical Examples

I never before stole anything worth speaking of, and I’m glad my first burglary is something worth while.
The Blue Dragon Kirk Munroe

His tone was full of disgust, much as though she had said gambling or burglary.
The Man from the Bitter Roots Caroline Lockhart

Yes, he was in for CPW and investigation of burglary and theft.
Warren Commission (7 of 26): Hearings Vol. VII (of 15) The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy

All this was done very cleverly, and no trace was left of the burglary.
The Forged Coupon and Other Stories Leo Tolstoy

Take it from me, son, there couldn’t be a worse time for a burglary than a night melodious with rolling thunder.
Blacksheep! Blacksheep! Meredith Nicholson

noun (pl) -ries
(English criminal law) the crime of either entering a building as a trespasser with the intention of committing theft, rape, grievous bodily harm, or damage, or, having entered as a trespasser, of committing one or more of these offences

c.1200, Anglo-Latin burglaria (see burglar).

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