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French Bourgogne. a region in central France: a former kingdom, duchy, and province.
any of various wines, red and white, mostly still, full, and dry, produced in the Burgundy region.
(often lowercase) any of various red wines with similar characteristics made elsewhere.
(lowercase) a grayish red-brown to dark blackish-purple color.
Also called Burgundy sauce. a sauce made with red wine and thickened with an espagnole sauce or kneaded butter, served with eggs, meat, fish, or poultry.
(lowercase) having the color burgundy.
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Historical Examples

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noun (pl) -dies
a region of E France famous for its wines, lying west of the Saône: formerly a semi-independent duchy; annexed to France in 1482 French name Bourgogne
Free County of Burgundy, another name for Franche-Comté
a monarchy (1384–1477) of medieval Europe, at its height including the Low Countries, the duchy of Burgundy, and Franche-Comté
Kingdom of Burgundy, a kingdom in E France, established in the early 6th century ad, eventually including the later duchy of Burgundy, Franche-Comté, and the Kingdom of Provence: known as the Kingdom of Arles from the 13th century

any red or white wine produced in the region of Burgundy, around Dijon
any heavy red table wine

(often not capital) a blackish-purple to purplish-red colour


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