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jadeite of the finest quality: a true jade.


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  • Burma-road

    a road extending from Lashio, Burma, to Chungking, China: used during World War II to supply Allied military forces in China. noun the route extending from Lashio in Burma (now Myanmar) to Chongqing in China, which was used by the Allies during World War II to supply military equipment to Chiang Kai-shek’s forces in China

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    a native or inhabitant of Burma. Burman (def 1). the Tibeto-Burman language of the Burman ethnic group: the official language of Burma. of or relating to Burma, its inhabitants, or the language Burmese. Burman (def 3). Contemporary Examples Aung San Suu Kyi Faces Test After Burma Election Triumph Peter Popham April 1, 2012 Myanmar’s Free […]

  • Burmese-cat

    one of a breed of short-haired domestic cats closely resembling a Siamese, with a compact body and long tail, but having a rounder head, sable-brown coat, and yellow eyes. noun a breed of cat similar in shape to the Siamese but typically having a dark brown or blue-grey coat

  • Burmese-glass

    an American art glass of the late 19th century, ranging from greenish-yellow to pink.

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