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see: in effigy


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  • Burn-into

    Make an indelible impression on, as in An event like the Holocaust burns into the minds of all the survivors, or The scene was burned into her memory. This expression alludes to such processes as etching or engraving, where a caustic substance bites into a solid plate to make a design. [ Early 1800s ]

  • Burn-one

    burn one

  • Burn-one-in

    burn one in

  • Burn-out

    a fire that is totally destructive of something. Also, burn-out. fatigue, frustration, or apathy resulting from prolonged stress, overwork, or intense activity. Rocketry. the termination of effective combustion in a rocket engine, due to exhaustion of propellant. the end of the powered portion of a rocket’s flight. Electricity. the breakdown of a lamp, motor, or […]

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