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Also, buhr. a protruding, ragged edge raised on the surface of metal during drilling, shearing, punching, or engraving.
a rough or irregular protuberance on any object, as on a tree.
a small, hand-held, power-driven milling cutter, used by machinists and die makers for deepening, widening, or undercutting small recesses.
a lump of brick fused or warped in firing.
to form a rough point or edge on.
a washer placed at the head of a rivet.
a blank punched out of a piece of sheet metal.
a pronunciation of the r- sound as a uvular trill, as in certain Northern English dialects.
a pronunciation of the r- sound as an alveolar flap or trill, as in Scottish English.
any pronunciation popularly considered rough or nonurban.
a whirring noise.
to speak with a burr.
to speak roughly, indistinctly, or inarticulately.
to make a whirring sound.
to pronounce (words, sounds, etc.) with a burr.
Aaron, 1756–1836, vice president of the U.S. 1801–05.
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a small power-driven hand-operated rotary file, esp for removing burrs or for machining recesses
a rough edge left on a workpiece after cutting, drilling, etc
a rough or irregular protuberance, such as a burl on a tree
(Brit) a burl on the trunk or root of a tree, sliced across for use as decorative veneer
noun, verb
a variant spelling of bur
verb (transitive)
to form a rough edge on (a workpiece)
to remove burrs from (a workpiece) by grinding, filing, etc; deburr
(phonetics) an articulation of (r) characteristic of certain English dialects, esp the uvular fricative trill of Northumberland or the retroflex r of the West of England
a whirring sound
to pronounce (words) with a burr
to make a whirring sound
a washer fitting around the end of a rivet
a blank punched out of sheet metal
short for buhrstone
a mass of hard siliceous rock surrounded by softer rock
Aaron. 1756–1836, US vice-president (1800–04), who fled after killing a political rival in a duel and plotted to create an independent empire in the western US; acquitted (1807) of treason
bur also burr
A type of pseudocarp in which the outer surface possesses hooks or barbs. Burs become caught in the feathers or hair of animals, which then carry them away to disperse the seeds.


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