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a hole or tunnel in the ground made by a rabbit, fox, or similar animal for habitation and refuge.
a place of retreat; shelter or refuge.
to make a hole or passage in, into, or under something.
to lodge in a burrow.
to hide.
to proceed by or as if by digging.
to put a burrow into (a hill, mountainside, etc.).
to hide (oneself), as in a burrow.
to make by or as if by burrowing:
We burrowed our way through the crowd.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

English Fairy Tales Flora Annie Steel
The Burgess Animal Book for Children Thornton W. Burgess
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A Royal Prisoner Pierre Souvestre
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Wild Animals at Home Ernest Thompson Seton
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a hole or tunnel dug in the ground by a rabbit, fox, or other small animal, for habitation or shelter
a small snug place affording shelter or retreat
to dig (a burrow) in, through, or under (ground)
(intransitive) often foll by through. to move through by or as by digging: to burrow through the forest
(intransitive) to hide or live in a burrow
(intransitive) to delve deeply: he burrowed into his pockets
to hide (oneself)


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