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another name for karearea


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  • Bushbaby

    noun (pl) -babies any agile nocturnal arboreal prosimian primate of the genera Galago and Euoticus, occurring in Africa south of the Sahara: family Lorisidae (lorises). They have large eyes and ears and a long tail Also called galago

  • Bushbashing

    noun (Austral & NZ, slang) the process of forcing a path through the bush

  • Bushboy

    bushboy Historical Examples Jasper Lyle Harriet Ward

  • Bushed

    overgrown with bushes. Informal. exhausted; tired out: After all that exercise, I’m bushed. Canadian Informal. mentally unbalanced as a result of prolonged residence in a sparsely inhabited region. Australian and New Zealand Slang. unable to find one’s direction; lost; confused. a low plant with many branches that arise from or near the ground. a small […]

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