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Electricity. a lining for a hole, intended to insulate and protect from abrasion one or more conductors that pass through it.

a replaceable thin tube or sleeve, usually of bronze, mounted in a case or housing as a bearing.
a replaceable hardened steel tube used as a guide for various tools or parts, as a drill or valve rod.

a low plant with many branches that arise from or near the ground.
a small cluster of shrubs appearing as a single plant.
something resembling or suggesting this, as a thick, shaggy head of hair.
Also called bush lot. Canadian. a small, wooded lot, especially a farm lot with trees left standing to provide firewood, fence posts, etc.
the tail of a fox; brush.
Geography. a stretch of uncultivated land covered with mixed plant growth, bushy vegetation, trees, etc.
a large uncleared area thickly covered with mixed plant growth, trees, etc., as a jungle.
a large, sparsely populated area most of which is uncleared, as areas of Australia and Alaska.
a tree branch hung as a sign before a tavern or vintner’s shop.
any tavern sign.
Slang: Vulgar. pubic hair.
Archaic. a wineshop.
to be or become bushy; branch or spread as or like a bush.
to cover, protect, support, or mark with a bush or bushes.
beat around / about the bush, to avoid coming to the point; delay in approaching a subject directly:
Stop beating around the bush and tell me what you want.
beat the bushes, to scout or search for persons or things far and wide:
beating the bushes for engineers.
go bush, Australian.

to flee or escape into the bush.
Slang. to become wild.

a lining of metal or the like set into an orifice to guard against wearing by friction, erosion, etc.
bushing (def 2).
to furnish with a bush; line with metal.
Historical Examples

Hiram The Young Farmer Burbank L. Todd
The Automobile Storage Battery O. A. Witte
Turning and Boring Franklin D. Jones
Turning and Boring Franklin D. Jones
Turning and Boring Franklin D. Jones
Turning and Boring Franklin D. Jones
The Traveling Engineers’ Association Anonymous
Turning and Boring Franklin D. Jones
Turning and Boring Franklin D. Jones
Turning and Boring Franklin D. Jones

another word for bush2 (sense 1)
an adaptor having ends of unequal diameters, often with internal screw threads, used to connect pipes of different sizes
a layer of electrical insulation enabling a live conductor to pass through an earthed wall, etc
a dense woody plant, smaller than a tree, with many branches arising from the lower part of the stem; shrub
a dense cluster of such shrubs; thicket
something resembling a bush, esp in density: a bush of hair

the bush, an uncultivated or sparsely settled area, esp in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada: usually covered with trees or shrubs, varying from open shrubby country to dense rainforest
(as modifier): bush flies

(Canadian) an area of land on a farm on which timber is grown and cut Also called bush lot, woodlot
a forested area; woodland
(informal) the bush, the countryside, as opposed to the city: out in the bush
a fox’s tail; brush

a bunch of ivy hung as a vintner’s sign in front of a tavern
any tavern sign

beat about the bush, to avoid the point at issue; prevaricate
(Austral & NZ, informal) rough-and-ready
(W African, informal) ignorant or stupid, esp as considered typical of unwesternized rustic life
(US & Canadian, informal) unprofessional, unpolished, or second-rate
(informal, Austral & NZ) go bush

to abandon city amenities and live rough
to run wild

(intransitive) to grow thick and bushy
(transitive) to cover, decorate, support, etc, with bushes
(transitive) (Austral) bush it, to camp out in the bush
Also called (esp US and Canadian) bushing. a thin metal sleeve or tubular lining serving as a bearing or guide
to fit a bush to (a casing, bearing, etc)
George. born 1924, US Republican politician; vice president of the US (1981–89): 41st president of the US (1989–93)
his son, George W(alker). born 1946, US Republican politician; 43rd president of the US (2001–09)

Rural; provincial; bush league •The sense has gradually developed from ”the wilderness” to ”the country as distinct from the city”; coincidentally it has taken on the same value judgment: The city is superior, the country is inferior: a bush town (1650s+)
Mediocre; second-rate; amateur: seemed pretty bush for pros (1650s+)

A beard; whiskers (1640s+)
The pubic hair, esp of a female; beaver (1745+)


beat around the bush
beat the bushes for
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed


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