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a person who lives in the bush or woods.

a person who lives by robbing travelers and isolated homesteads in the bush.
a person who drives a hard, and sometimes dishonest, bargain.

Historical Examples

Twice Lost W.H.G. Kingston
Stingaree E. W. (Ernest William) Hornung
When Ghost Meets Ghost William Frend De Morgan
Stingaree E. W. (Ernest William) Hornung
Cumner & South Sea Folk, Complete Gilbert Parker
Peeps At Many Lands: Australia Frank Fox
In Quest of Gold Alfred St. Johnston
The Great Company Beckles Willson
Wit and Wisdom of Lord Tredegar Godfrey Charles Morgan
In Quest of Gold Alfred St. Johnston

(Austral, history) an escaped convict or robber living in the bush
(US) a person who lives away from civilization; backwoodsman


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  • Bush-road

    a rough road cut through forested land usually to serve a lumbering, mining, or other commercial company. Historical Examples Bulldog Carney W. A. Fraser Stories and Sketches Harriet S. Caswell

  • Bush-shirt

    bush jacket. a shirt resembling a bush jacket; safari shirt.

  • Bush-shrike

    noun any shrike of the African subfamily Malaconotinae, such as Chlorophoneus nigrifrons (black-fronted bush shrike) another name for ant bird

  • Bush-sickness

    noun (NZ & Austral) an animal disease caused by a cobalt deficiency in old bush country

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