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a program of studies at the university level offering courses on general business theory, management, and practices.


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  • Business-agent

    a paid union official who represents a local and its membership in dealing with an employer.

  • Business-analyst

    business analyst job A person who analyses the operations of a department or functional unit to develop a general systems solution to the problem. The solution will typically involve a combination of manual and automated processes. The business analyst can provide insights into an operation for an information systems analyst. (2004-03-09)

  • Business-angel

    noun (informal) an investor in a business venture, esp one in its early stages Also called angel investor Historical Examples Crowds Gerald Stanley Lee noun Usage Note

  • Business-as-usual

    business as usual The normal course of some activity, as in The fire destroyed only a small section of the store, so it’s business as usual. This term originated as an announcement that a commercial establishment was continuing to operate in spite of fire, construction, or some similar interruption. It had been extended to broader […]

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