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  • Bust-someone-out

    bust someone out

  • Bust-someone-wide-open

    bust someone wide open

  • Bust-up

    a separation or dissolution, as of a marriage or a close friendship. a large party, especially a noisy one. Chiefly British. a quarrel; disturbance; punch-up. Contemporary Examples Did Cressy and Harry Split Over a $1,000 Flight? Tom Sykes April 30, 2014 Historical Examples The Vehement Flame Margaret Wade Campbell Deland The Hero of Panama F. […]

  • Busta

    busta An unemployed person who is dependent on others: He might become a busta and live with his mother Someone who aspires to be someone else; wannabe; also, a kid trying to act tough: rappers trying to be bustas Historical Examples Sport and Work on the Nepaul Frontier James Inglis The Jesuit Relations and Allied […]

  • Bustard

    any of several large, chiefly terrestrial and ground-running birds of the family Otididae, of the Old World and Australia, related to the cranes. noun any terrestrial bird of the family Otididae, inhabiting open regions of the Old World: order Gruiformes (cranes, rails, etc). They have long strong legs, a heavy body, a long neck, and […]

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