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  • Busy-beaver

    busy beaver Historical Examples Little Jack Rabbit’s Adventures David Cory Little Jack Rabbit’s Adventures David Cory

  • Busy-bee

    busy bee Historical Examples Gideon’s Band George W. Cable The Three Commanders W.H.G. Kingston Jaffery William J. Locke Bertha and Her Baptism Nehemiah Adams Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Vol. 66, No 405, July 1849 Various Crying for the Light, Vol. 2 [of 3] J. Ewing Ritchie The Emperor, Complete Georg Ebers Flemish Legends Charles de Coster […]

  • Busybody

    a person who pries into or meddles in the affairs of others. Historical Examples The Visions of the Sleeping Bard Ellis Wynne The Tale of Snowball Lamb Arthur Bailey Lorraine Robert W. Chambers The Tale of the The Muley Cow Arthur Scott Bailey The Tale of Betsy Butterfly Arthur Scott Bailey A Lecture On Heads […]

  • Busy-lizzie

    noun a balsaminaceous plant, Impatiens balsamina, that has pink, red, or white flowers and is often grown as a pot plant

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