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a person or thing that is an object of wit, ridicule, sarcasm, contempt, etc.
a target.

a wall of earth located behind the targets to prevent bullets from scattering over a large area.
butts, a wall behind which targets can be safely lowered, scored, and raised during firing practice.

butt hinge.
Obsolete. a goal; limit.
to have an end or projection on; be adjacent to; abut.
to position or fasten an end (of something).
to place or join the ends (of two things) together; set end-to-end.
to strike or push with the head or horns.
to strike or push something or at something with the head or horns.
to project.
Machinery. (of wheels in a gear train) to strike one another instead of meshing.
a push or blow with the head or horns.
butt in, to meddle in the affairs or intrude in the conversation of others; interfere:
It was none of his concern, so he didn’t butt in.
butt out, to stop meddling in the affairs or intruding in the conversation of others:
Nobody asked her opinion, so she butted out.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

The Younger Set Robert W. Chambers
Love and Lucy Maurice Henry Hewlett
The Witch Doctor and other Rhodesian Studies Frank Worthington
Sons and Lovers David Herbert Lawrence
The Last Galley Arthur Conan Doyle
Strictly Business O. Henry
Bliss, and Other Stories Katherine Mansfield

the thicker or blunt end of something, such as the end of the stock of a rifle
the unused end of something, esp of a cigarette; stub
(tanning) the portion of a hide covering the lower backside of the animal
(US & Canadian, informal) the buttocks
(US) a slang word for cigarette
(building trades) short for butt joint, butt hinge
a person or thing that is the target of ridicule, wit, etc
(shooting, archery)

a mound of earth behind the target on a target range that stops bullets or wide shots
the target itself
(pl) the target range

a low barrier, usually of sods or peat, behind which sportsmen shoot game birds, esp grouse
(archaic) goal; aim
usually foll by on or against. to lie or be placed end on to; abut: to butt a beam against a wall
to strike or push (something) with the head or horns
(intransitive) to project; jut
(intransitive; foll by in or into) to intrude, esp into a conversation; interfere; meddle
(informal, mainly US & Canadian) butt out, to stop interfering or meddling
a blow with the head or horns
a large cask, esp one with a capacity of two hogsheads, for storing wine or beer
a US unit of liquid measure equal to 126 US gallons
Dame Clara. 1872–1936, English contralto

The buttocks; rump; ass •This sense is attested as western US in 1860. Oddly enough, butt looks like a diminutive of buttock, but to judge by the suffix, the opposite must be the case.: So drunk he couldn’t find his butt with both hands (1450+)
The remainder of a smoked cigarette or cigar (1930s+)
A cigarette: a pack of butts (1900+)
The final year of a prison sentence or a term of military enlistment (1915+ Armed forces & prison)
Something or someone disliked •Somewhat derogatory: woman is a real butt


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