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an ice-cream flavor, usually vanilla or butterscotch, containing crunchy bits of butterscotch candy.


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  • Butter-clam

    a large edible clam, Saxidomus nuttalli, of the west coast of North America.

  • Butter-cookie

    Cookery. a plain cookie whose chief ingredients are butter, flour, and sugar.

  • Buttercream

    a vanilla-flavored cake frosting or filling made principally of softened butter and powdered sugar. a similar mixture used as a filling for bonbons or to flavor ice cream. Contemporary Examples 4 Autumnal Desserts Michel Richard November 17, 2010

  • Buttercup

    any of numerous plants of the genus Ranunculus, having glossy yellow flowers and deeply cut leaves. Historical Examples Dr. Wortle’s School Anthony Trollope The Tale of Betsy Butterfly Arthur Scott Bailey Daisy Ashford: Her Book Daisy Ashford The Incomplete Amorist E. Nesbit Daddy Long-Legs Jean Webster Dr. Wortle’s School Anthony Trollope Aunt Kitty’s Tales Maria […]

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