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  • Buttermilk-sky

    a cloudy sky resembling the mottled or clabbered appearance of buttermilk.

  • Butternut-pumpkin

    noun (Austral) a variety of pumpkin, eaten as vegetable Also called (NZ) butternut

  • Butternut-squash

    a yellowish winter squash having sweet, orange-colored flesh. the plant bearing this fruit.

  • Butterworth

    noun George. 1885–1916, British composer, noted for his interest in folk song and his settings of Housman’s poems Nick. born 1946, English writer and illustrator of children’s books, many of which feature Percy, the animal-loving park keeper Historical Examples Legends of Longdendale Thomas Middleton A Room With A View E. M. Forster Sevenoaks J. G. […]

  • Buttfuck


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