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soldier (def 5).


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  • Button-mangrove

    a tropical tree, Conocarpus erectus, having small, reddish, conelike fruits and bark used in tanning.

  • Buttonmold

    a small disk or knob of wood, metal, plastic, etc., to be covered with fabric to form an ornamental button.

  • Button-mushroom

    noun Examples Word Origin Usage Note Historical Examples Cutlass and Cudgel George Manville Fenn

  • Button-quail

    any of several birds of the family Turnicidae, of warmer parts of the Old World, resembling but not related to the true quail. Also called bustard quail, hemipode. the blue-breasted quail, Coturnix chinensis. Historical Examples The Day’s Work, Volume 1 Rudyard Kipling From Edinburgh to India & Burmah William G. Burn Murdoch noun any small […]

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