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(of a shirt collar) having buttonholes so it can be buttoned to the body of the shirt.
(of a shirt) having a button-down collar.
(especially of attitudes, opinions, etc.) extremely conventional; unimaginative.
(of a collar) having points that are fastened to the garment with buttons
(of a shirt) having a button-down collar
Also buttoned-down. conventional or conservative: a button-down corporate culture


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    carefully planned, operated, supervised, etc.: one of the most buttoned-up companies in the business. conservative, as in professional style or manner: Employers are looking for buttoned-up types. Contemporary Examples Little Gimmicks Fund Big Exhibits W.M. Akers September 21, 2010 Why Obama’s Campaign Bores Me Peter Beinart April 4, 2011 Tom Hiddleston On His Rocker-Vampire in […]

  • Buttonhole-someone

    Accost or detain a person in conversation. For example, The reporter tried to buttonhole the senator, but she got away. This term is a metaphor for literally grasping someone by a buttonhole on his or her clothing. [ Mid-1800s ]

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    a looped stitch used to strengthen the edge of material and keep it from raveling, as around a buttonhole. Historical Examples Art in Needlework Lewis F. Day A Treatise on Domestic Economy Catherine Esther Beecher Art in Needlework Lewis F. Day Art in Needlework Lewis F. Day Art in Needlework Lewis F. Day Art in […]

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    the hole, slit, or loop through which a button is passed and by which it is secured. Chiefly British. a boutonniere. Surgery. a short, straight incision through the wall of a cavity or a canal. to sew with a buttonhole stitch. to make buttonholes in. to hold by the buttonhole or otherwise abruptly detain (someone) […]

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