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Also, butene. any of three isomeric, gaseous hydrocarbons having the formula C 4 H 8 , of the alkene series.
containing the butylene group.
Historical Examples

U.S. Patent 4,293,314: Gelled Fuel-Air Explosive Bertram O. Stull

another name for butene
Any of three gaseous hydrocarbons that consist of four carbon atoms in a chain with a double bond between two of the carbons. They are part of the alkene series. Butylenes are used to make synthetic rubber. Chemical formula: C4H8.


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  • Butylene-group

    any of four bivalent isomeric groups having the formula –C 4 H 8 –.

  • Butyraceous

    of the nature of, resembling, or containing butter. Historical Examples Cooley’s Practical Receipts, Volume II Arnold Cooley A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines Andrew Ure adjective of, containing, or resembling butter

  • Butyral

    any acetal of butyraldehyde.

  • Butyraldehyde

    a clear, colorless, flammable liquid, C 4 H 8 O, used chiefly as an intermediate in the manufacture of resins and rubber cement. noun a colourless flammable pungent liquid used in the manufacture of resins. Formula: CH3(CH2)2CHO butyraldehyde (by’tə-rāl’də-hīd’) A transparent, highly flammable liquid used in making resins. Chemical formula: C4H8O.

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