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  • Buzzard

    any of several broad-winged, soaring hawks of the genus Buteo and allied genera, especially B. buteo, of Europe. any of several New World vultures of the family Cathartidae, especially the turkey vulture. Slang. a contemptible or cantankerous person (often preceded by old): That old buzzard has lived in the same shack for twenty years. Obsolete. […]

  • Buzzard-s-bay

    an inlet of the Atlantic, in SE Massachusetts. 30 miles (48 km) long.

  • Buzzard-colonel

    buzzard colonel

  • Buzzed

    a low, vibrating, humming sound, as of bees, machinery, or people talking. a rumor or report. Informal. a phone call: When I find out, I’ll give you a buzz. Slang. a feeling of intense enthusiasm, excitement, or exhilaration: I got a terrific buzz from those Pacific sunsets. a feeling of slight intoxication. to make a […]

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