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Contemporary Examples

The Top 13 Guinness World Records of 2013: Kim Kardashian, ‘Breaking Bad,’ Colonel Meow & More December 17, 2013
When Not to Take a Selfie James Poulos December 10, 2013


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  • Buzzy

    Slang. generating intense enthusiasm, excitement, etc.: a buzzy new film. Contemporary Examples The Perils of the Teen Jill Bialosky August 16, 2011 The Bookstore That Bewitched Mick Jagger, John Lennon, and Greta Garbo Felice Picano December 15, 2014 10 Buzziest Moments from the 2011 Tony Awards Shannon Donnelly June 12, 2011 Gal With a Suitcase […]

  • Bva

    Bachelor of Vocational Agriculture. Contemporary Examples Francois Hollande Announces Breakup with First Lady Valerie Trierweiler Tracy McNicoll January 25, 2014 In France, Battle for Gay Marriage Heats Up Tracy McNicoll November 9, 2012 France’s Sarah Palin Eric Pape November 26, 2009 abbreviation British Veterinary Association Board of Veterans Appeals

  • Bvd

    a brand of men’s underwear. Bradley, Voorhees & Day (A trademark used for undershirts and underpants. This trademark sometimes occurs in print with a final ‘s.)

  • Bve

    Bachelor of Vocational Education. Black English Vernacular. Abbreviation: BVE. Black Vernacular English

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