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a sudden, acute attack or manifestation of a disease, especially one marked by convulsions or unconsciousness:
a fit of epilepsy.
an onset, spell, or period of emotion, feeling, inclination, activity, etc.:
a fit of anger; a fit of weeping.
by / in fits and starts, at irregular intervals; intermittently:
This radio works by fits and starts.
throw a fit, to become extremely excited or angry:
Your father will throw a fit when he hears what you have done.
verb fits, fitting, fitted (US) fit
to be appropriate or suitable for (a situation, etc)
to be of the correct size or shape for (a connection, container, etc)
(transitive) to adjust in order to render appropriate: they had to fit the idea to their philosophy
(transitive) to supply with that which is needed
(transitive) to try clothes on (someone) in order to make adjustments if necessary
(transitive) to make competent or ready: the experience helped to fit him for the task
(transitive) to locate with care
(intransitive) to correspond with the facts or circumstances
adjective fitter, fittest
suitable to a purpose or design; appropriate
having the right qualifications; qualifying
in good health
worthy or deserving: a book fit to be read
(foll by an infinitive) in such an extreme condition that a specified consequence is likely: she was fit to scream, you look fit to drop
(mainly Brit, informal) (of a person) sexually attractive
the manner in which something fits
the act or process of fitting
(statistics) the correspondence between observed and predicted characteristics of a distribution or model See goodness of fit
(pathol) a sudden attack or convulsion, such as an epileptic seizure
a sudden spell of emotion: a fit of anger
an impulsive period of activity or lack of activity; mood: a fit of laziness
give a person a fit, to surprise a person in an outrageous manner
(informal) have a fit, throw a fit, to become very angry or excited
in fits and starts, by fits and starts, in spasmodic spells; irregularly
verb fits, fitting, fitted
(intransitive) (informal) to have a sudden attack or convulsion, such as an epileptic seizure
(archaic) a story or song or a section of a story or song

frequent international traveler

fit as a fiddle
fit in
fit like a glove
fit out
fit to be tied
fit to kill


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