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by gum, (used as a mild oath).
any of various sticky substances that exude from certain plants, hardening on exposure to air and dissolving or forming viscous masses in water
any of various products, such as adhesives, that are made from such exudates
any sticky substance used as an adhesive; mucilage; glue
(NZ) short for kauri gum
See chewing gum, bubble gum, gumtree
(mainly Brit) a gumdrop
verb gums, gumming, gummed
to cover or become covered, clogged, or stiffened with or as if with gum
(transitive) to stick together or in place with gum
(intransitive) to emit or form gum
the fleshy tissue that covers the jawbones around the bases of the teeth Technical name gingiva, related adjective gingival
used in the mild oath by gum!
genitourinary medicine

gum 1
Any of various sticky substances that are produced by certain plants and trees and dry into brittle solids soluble in water. Gums typically are colloidal mixtures of polysaccharides and mineral salts.
gum 2
See gingiva.

To talk; chatter: The he-gossips at the Press Club have been gumming about another romance (1940s+)
gum up (1901+)


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