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Sports. in a tournament, the preferential status of a player or team not paired with a competitor in an early round and thus automatically advanced to play in the next round:
The top three seeded players received byes in the first round.
Golf. the holes of a stipulated course still unplayed after the match is finished.
Cricket. a run made on a ball not struck by the batsman.
something subsidiary, secondary, or out of the way.
by1 .
by the bye, by the way; incidentally:
By the bye, how do you spell your name?
Also, by the by.
(sport) the situation in which a player or team in an eliminatory contest wins a preliminary round by virtue of having no opponent
(golf) one or more holes of a stipulated course that are left unplayed after the match has been decided
(cricket) a run scored off a ball not struck by the batsman: allotted to the team as an extra and not to the individual batsman See also leg bye
something incidental or secondary
by the bye, incidentally; by the way: used as a sentence connector
sentence substitute
(Brit, informal) goodbye


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