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  • Bypass-capacitor

    a capacitor that provides a path for alternating current around a specified element in a circuit.

  • Bypass-engine

    noun a gas turbine in which a part of the compressor delivery bypasses the combustion zone, flowing directly into or around the main exhaust gas flow to provide additional thrust Compare turbofan

  • Bypass-ratio

    noun (aeronautics) the ratio of the amount of air that bypasses the combustion chambers of an aircraft gas turbine to that passing through them

  • Bypassed

    a road enabling motorists to avoid a city or other heavy traffic points or to drive around an obstruction. a secondary pipe or other channel connected with a main passage, as for conducting a liquid or gas around a fixture, pipe, or appliance. Electricity, shunt (def 9). a surgical procedure in which a diseased or […]

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