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bygone; earlier; former; past.
a past participle of bypass.
Rare. a simple past tense of bypass.
a road enabling motorists to avoid a city or other heavy traffic points or to drive around an obstruction.
a secondary pipe or other channel connected with a main passage, as for conducting a liquid or gas around a fixture, pipe, or appliance.
Electricity, shunt (def 9).
a surgical procedure in which a diseased or obstructed hollow organ is temporarily or permanently circumvented.
Compare coronary bypass, gastric bypass, heart-lung machine, intestinal bypass.
to avoid (an obstruction, city, etc.) by following a bypass.
to cause (fluid or gas) to follow a secondary pipe or bypass.
to neglect to consult or to ignore the opinion or decision of:
He bypassed the foreman and took his grievance straight to the owner.
Historical Examples

Old Mortality, Complete, Illustrated Sir Walter Scott
Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal, No. 440 Various
Letters of John Calvin, Volume I (of 4) Jules Bonnet

a main road built to avoid a city or other congested area
any system of pipes or conduits for redirecting the flow of a liquid
a means of redirecting the flow of a substance around an appliance through which it would otherwise pass

the redirection of blood flow, either to avoid a diseased blood vessel or in order to perform heart surgery See coronary bypass
(as modifier): bypass surgery


an electrical circuit, esp one containing a capacitor, connected in parallel around one or more components, providing an alternative path for certain frequencies
(as modifier): a bypass capacitor

verb (transitive) -passes, -passing, -passed, -past
to go around or avoid (a city, obstruction, problem, etc)
to cause (traffic, fluid, etc) to go through a bypass
to proceed without reference to (regulations, a superior, etc); get round; avoid


A passage created surgically to divert the flow of blood or other bodily fluid or to circumvent an obstructed or diseased organ.


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