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See C (def 11).


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  • C-o

    cash order. certificate of origin. care of. Bookkeeping. carried over. care of. Bookkeeping. carried over. cash order. cash order. Commanding Officer. conscientious objector. correction officer. abbreviation care of (accounting) carried over carried over common orders care of carry over complains of cash order certificate of origin

  • C-o-d-

    cash, or collect, on delivery (payment to be made when delivered to the purchaser).

  • C-o-r-e

    Congress of Racial Equality. noun the central part of certain fleshy fruits, such as the apple or pear, consisting of the seeds and supporting parts the central, innermost, or most essential part of something: the core of the argument (as modifier): the core meaning a piece of magnetic material, such as soft iron, placed inside […]

  • C-o-s-

    cash on shipment. cash on shipment

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