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Civil Aeronautics Administration: reorganized into the Federal Aviation Administration.
Contemporary Examples

Beckham’s American Dream Dashed Grant Wahl August 16, 2009
Outcry Over SEAL Matt Bissonnette’s Bin Laden Book Reveals Pentagon Hypocrisy Michael Daly September 12, 2012
A Hollywood Wife’s Sexy Alter-Ego Nicole LaPorte April 19, 2010
Hollywood’s New Don Kim Masters June 7, 2009
The Next Blair Witch? Kim Masters October 5, 2009

Historical Examples

The Dust of Conflict David Goodger (goodger@python.org)
By Proxy Gordon Randall Garrett
Stories by English Authors: Scotland Various
The Radio Detectives Under the Sea A. Hyatt Verrill
The Radio Detectives Under the Sea A. Hyatt Verrill

verb, noun
a Scot word for call
verb (Scot)
to drive or propel
to knock
caa canny, ca’ canny, to proceed cautiously; go slow
caa the feet frae, ca’ the feet frae, to send (a person) sprawling
abbreviation (in Britain)
Civil Aviation Authority
Civil Aeronautics Administration
Clean Air Act
computer-aided architecture


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