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flight attendant.
a cabin steward on a passenger or cruise ship.


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  • Cabin-boy

    a boy employed as a servant for the officers and passengers on a ship. Historical Examples The Lady of the Shroud Bram Stoker The Opal Serpent Fergus Hume Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 61, No. 378, April, 1847 Various The Old Tobacco Shop William Bowen What Is Man? And Other Stories Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) The […]

  • Cabin-class

    the class of accommodations on a passenger ship less costly and luxurious than first class but more so than tourist class. Compare second class (def 1). noun a class of accommodation on a passenger ship between first class and tourist class

  • Cabin-court

    Older Use. a roadside motel having cabins.

  • Cabin-cruiser

    a power-driven pleasure boat having a cabin equipped for sleeping, cooking, and the like. Historical Examples The Adventure Club Afloat Ralph Henry Barbour noun a power boat fitted with a cabin and comforts for pleasure cruising or racing

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