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a hiding place, especially one in the ground, for ammunition, food, treasures, etc.:
She hid her jewelry in a little cache in the cellar.
anything so hidden:
The enemy never found our cache of food.
Computers. a temporary storage space or memory that allows fast access to data: Web browser cache;
CPU cache.
Alaska and Northern Canada. a small shed elevated on poles above the reach of animals and used for storing food, equipment, etc.
to put in a cache; conceal; hide.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

The Ranger Boys and the Border Smugglers Claude A. Labelle
Red Hunters And the Animal People Charles A. Eastman
When Egypt Went Broke Holman Day
The Pony Rider Boys in New England Frank Gee Patchin
Canada: the Empire of the North Agnes C. Laut
Frances of the Ranges Amy Bell Marlowe
Eleven Years in the Rocky Mountains and Life on the Frontier Frances Fuller Victor
Wilford Woodruff Matthias F. Cowley
The Prairie Traveler Randolph Marcy

a hidden store of provisions, weapons, treasure, etc
the place where such a store is hidden
(computing) a small high-speed memory that improves computer performance
(transitive) to store in a cache
An area of computer memory devoted to the high-speed retrieval of frequently used or requested data.


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